I started the process of registration with in April 2006. I tried several times to access their control panel and failed to gain access to change the required site details to that registrar.  
  I contacted by phone and told them I could not use their control panel. They stated that I must use IE. I stated I refuse to use that "known-insecure" browser. They stone-walled me, so I began the process of halting this account.  
  I contacted the charge card company and CANCELLED this payment of $5.99. Services not recieved.  
  Email sent to Alan:  
  Now, beeg detail: I NEVER registered with! I did start the process of registration, then realized they suck, and began the stop registration procedures (and apparently with them there are none). I never paid a dime, even to the point of contacting my charge card company and removing the charge. The only thing has to do with me is they know my name and they know I own the domain name.