Father made a Pact with me


I am alive. I stand firm. I am alive by my own choice. I stand firm by God's choice. I have been given the right to choose, and I have chosen.

You and I know each other. I know you have been given some nice things that humans call good. Things like children, a home, health, maybe even some wealth. Your life is okay compared to my life.

The reason I state I am alive and I stand firm: I have nothing on this earth. I don't have children, I don't have a home, I have my health, I have wealth (not money). Were you in my place without my intimate knowledge that is Christ, you would have committed suicide long ago.

I nearly did. More than once. I have tried a few times to leave the path I was appointed. I am attacked constantly. I know you do not understand what I mean. Not for lack of brain matter, but sheer stubbornness.

The only reason I live today is my own doing long ago. I don't care if you choose to not believe me. I know whom I follow. By His will, I made a covenant with Him just after I met Him. My pact is all those I meet, talk to, converse with, all become Christians (definition: Christian).

The reason I am alive is by my own choice to live. Not to live for myself, but for my covenant, my pact. Let me explain: a day came when I truly wanted off this planet. I have an intimate relationship with Christ, I asked Him if I could come home. His reply was stunning, "Sure, you can come home now, but think of all those you have yet to meet."

No human could stop me from taking my life. No Christian saying that suicide is a sin, no friend saying it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem, not one of you could have stopped me from taking my life.

That one statement from Christ stopped me in my tracks.

This is the only reason I live today. I don't care if you chose to not understand. I don't care if you claim to be a Christian and choose to attack me for this reason I live. I don't care what you think. I don't follow you, I follow Christ.

I stand firm in Christ. I am at the same time both happy and sad. Happy that I stand in Christ, sad that we hurt each other constantly. Christians hurting their brothers and sisters all the time throughout the world.

How can I call you a Christian?

Because I know. It's not a guess, it's not a maybe, it's not possibly. It's a fact. I don't know when you'll choose, that's not up to me, I only know you will.

I suspect many of you won't make the choice until you see me stand for Christ (Luke 12:11) in front of one that claims to be Christ, but is, in truth, the evil one, known to Christians as the Anti-Christ (Matthew 24:15).

Remember me, remember Christ, remember God.

Kermit Hylen
August 29, 2005.