What is Salvation?

Freedom. Love. Incredible security.

Most of us seek life our way. We fear that to submit ourselves to God, we would lose our self.

That is Satan's doing, and his greatest desire is to make us lose. Lose our life and our soul.

True salvation arrives deep within you. It is the realization of the truth: you are alone.

When each of us were born, we knew God. As we grew, we lose many truths and we leave God. At some point in our life, we rediscover God and then we choose our path.

Salvation is the greatest miracle and blessing each of us can ever experience.

The Path to Salvation

Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. Accept that He died for all sins for all time. Accept that He rose on the third day from the grave. Get down on your knees and praise God, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Ask God directly for forgiveness of all your sin. Ask for God's blessing through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Tears fall like rain, and it is the most natural thing. Then His love flows to you and there is nothing like His Love flowing to you in this Universe.

Minutes later, you realize you are not alone. Hours later, you realize, you are not alone. Days, months, years later, you realize, you are not alone. And that fear you felt before means nothing anymore.

Everwhere you go, in everything you do, however dangerous or demanding, Jesus Christ is right beside you, helping, loving, supporting, protecting you. The world is different and people see you differently, tho' they can't put their finger on what's changed about you. Other true followers can see where your peace comes from...these are your brothers and sisters in Christ.

You discover what love is, what it means to love, and it is not explainable with something as trivial as words.