Satan is an Angel

Satan is a fallen angel, a fallen arch-angel. This is a commander in the Angel rank. Somewhere along his growth, Satan's ego overcame sense and he chose to want to be a God, and was cast away from God for that choice. Satan does not care about you or I. All he wants is to hurt. Hurt you, hurt me, hurt God by hurting God's creation.

His happiness is our misery, our putting anything first in our lives but God.

Satan knows too well the price of sin, and pride, and ego. When we choose to put our own desires first in our life over God, we hurt our self, and our planet. The reward of sin is death. Those that choose to follow him, follow an angel whose final destination is the lake of fire.

Satan was with God before creation and fell from God when he choose to deceive Eve and Adam. Jealously was the cause of Satan's fall. Jealously over God's and I.

Satan Wants to Kill You

In order to hurt God, Satan wants to keep as many as he can from God.

You see, God loves each of us equally. I'm a christian and I follow God, yet God loves you the same as I. This is the way of God. His hope is that before you die, you live. But, it is your choice and not His. He did not want robots in His creation, He wants to be loved freely by us for who He is, not how He can force us to love Him.

Got it yet? Satan wants to kill you. God wants to love you, but can't because of your sins, not until you accept His son and be washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. Not untili you choose to be washed clean of sin can God embrace you.

Satan wants you to stay dirty, be wealthy, live the life you want according to your whims, and be your own god. The catch is, you only get it in this life...the next life after death is extermination of your soul. (Satan gets the Lake of Fire for eternity, sinners get to cease to exist.)