Sin and its Price

Are you concerned about this planet called Earth? Concerned about the poisons, pollution, corruption, and deceptions taking place on this beautiful planet and in our face everyday? If you are not with Jesus Christ, your sin is the cause of these things. That is what sin is: death. Death to you, those around you, and where you live.

All who are alone, that is, those that do not follow Jesus Christ, are on the path to death.

Each sin you commit adds up to your sin debt. There is a price you must pay for each and every sin. Your sin debt is not paid until God's judgement day.

God hates sin. Until you choose Him over Sin, you are alone and it is you that is responsible for killing this planet and its creatures.

Live your Life for Yourself and Die Alone

You knew God before you were born. As a child, you knew God. You knew God until you choose your own self over God, until your ego overwhelmed the truth you knew.

Live for your own selfish choices, put money, sex, power above God, and become a lonely, sad, depressed human being. Build that sin debt, kill the planet. Live the life of deception and die in pain, alone.