Science is Proving God Exists

We have been led to believe that Science is constantly seeking the truth. That Science is the answer to all things.


Open your eyes and take a good look at the hypothesis of evolution. Now look at the mathematical possibilities. It is known that the DNA strand that is part of all life is so complex that the world on which we "evolved" would have to be trillions of years old to stand just one chance of life haphazardly coming together under the absolutely right conditions. If our Sun, according to science, is less than five billion years old, how did all this life evolve? What magic took place? And if magic, then, where does science stand?

Evolution is mathematically impossibile.

Those that have made their careers and livehood on the theory of evolution want this lie to continue unabated. To admit to the mathematical truth would end their careers, and all the learning institutions would also have to admit the error and drop that curriculum.

Who Found the Americas?

In the Museum of Science, New York, is a map of the world. It is a detailed map showing the Americas on both oceans. It is a detailed map of a globe and shows all the continents including New Zealand and Australia. It was drawn by a Turkish navigator long before Columbus existed.

The world was circumnativigated and mapped a thousand years before Columbus.

Yet to change all the books and theories to reflect the truth is deemed to be too costly. Truth is set aside due to cost of changing the books, the curriculum and our thoughts. Much less admit that a non-white man was the discoverer. Why do most movies of Christ portray Him as a white man?

Science has Lost its Conscience

Science once was defined as seeking the truth, proving the theories. Educational institutions were once built with the morality that seeking the truth is the highest achievement. Look around and discover where science ends and the lies begin.

  Take a good long look at the Drug industry. When was the last cure for an ailment? It is an industry about greed and not cures. Our governments should protect us from these ilk.