Mohammed; similar to the bible except for one BIG detail: Mecca was taken by force and all who did not follow Mohammed's beliefs died by the sword. Islam swarmed over the world similar to Alexander but was halted in Europe by the French during battle.

The arch-angel Gabriel appears to Mohammed and teaches him of holy things. Or was it the arch-angel Lucifer betraying a person into believing he could become a god?

Provides war, hates and kills Christians and other non-followers.

Worship the man/god Mohammed.


Buddha; a man achieves Oneness, disappears, and becomes a God. Or does he disappear into thin air? Many have disappeared and they aren't touted as Gods, just lost.

Re-incarnation: if you don't get it right this time in life, you get to return in another form again and again until you achieve Oneness.

Provides nothing: it is up to the reincarnation to choose whether to help or hinder those that are better or worse in their reincarnation, and on to infinity.

Worship an idol, Buddha. (NOW, that's some faith!)

New Age

Self awareness, evolution is real. I am God. You are God. Everything is God. Rocks, plants, beings and all have their own spirit.

Worship an idol, Earth.

Provides nothing.


John is the saint, chosen by God. Rewrote the bible to their own design to match the requirement of John who was visited by something.

Provides only to other Mormons.

Worship a man/saint born in the 19th century.

Jehovah Witness

Rewrote the bible to their own designed saviour's specifications. Cursed by God for doing so.

Provides only to other Jehovah Witnesses.

Worships there own designer saviour.


(Has some part in all religions: Primary is Lutheran, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Seven Day Adventist, Evangelical, Jesus, Christ, and more.)

God is the Father, Jesus Christ is the Son, the Holy Spirit makes the trinity. Sin is death and brings destruction. Jesus Christ forgives sin and pays sin debt when believers ask forgiveness of their sin. God never changes, is always constant. God hates sin. God loves us.

To enter Heaven requires salvation by Jesus Christ.

Humans don't become gods. Humans live one life and choose their destiny. Through it all, God wants all of us to join Him in Heaven and live forever.

Provides love, shows patience, instruction to all, no matter the religion or person.

Worships God, the creator of the universe.


There is a God and he only talks to the priests. No personal relationship with Jesus Christ is allowed.

Provides little.

The catholic church is the wealthiest church on Earth. It has enough wealth to feed and clothe all hungry all the time. Was responsible for the marriage of paganism and christianity.


Claim it is not a religion, yet claims it is church. Go figure tax evasion. Forces it's members to submit their time, energy, and especially their money to promote the founder's wealth.

Provides deception.

Worships the founder's "enlightenment." (Who worships money and power.)


There is no God, never was and never will be. We are simply products of evolution. Also called Agnostic (the original latin word defined is ignoramus).

Provides their own desires.

Worships their own desires.

Christian Evolutionists Ah, well, yeah, there was evolution, but tempered by God. Sin is allowed if you ask forgiveness once in a while. It's okay to live with another person of the same or opposite sex and not be married. (Hey, people! What's the difference between evolution and adaptation?)
Satanism Satan is a god. (tho' he is trapped in time like us.) Believers of the Great Deceiver...go figure.