Possession is Still Occurring

When Jesus was here, he taught his disiples how to cast demons out of man. You'll find throughout the new testament, men and women possessed by one or many demons. Stories like a man foaming at the mouth and known to be possessed for many years of a legion (2000?) of demons, and Jesus easily casting out all of those demons at once. Not over some period of time, but by His demand at that moment.

You'll also find an occasion where men attempt to perform an exorcism on one demon possessed man: When the seven sons of the Jewish chief priest, Sceva, attempt to cast out just one evil spirit from a man. They had said, "In the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out." The evil spirit replied, through the man's voice, "Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?" The possesssed man overpowered them all; he gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.

Possestion Does Not Occur Anymore

Time has let us forget. Man is doomed to forget. Possession is still occuring and on a grander scale. And we continue to refuse that it exists, that it is impossible to be under the control of a entity that knows far more about the supernatural than we can hope to attain on this world.

Do you see this...mistake?

Are you aware that there is an Arch-angel that is also a supernatural entity? Do you know he is limited by time, as we are? Do you know he is thousands of years old? Did you know that he does not forget, like we do? That he knows the Bible better than our best Theologians? That this angel despises all mankind, that his desire is to confuse us into worshipping him and leading us into eternal death.

One third of the Angels that choose to follow Satan, and all mankind that refuses to follow God, will, one day soon, be uncovered.

Satan's name means deceiver. So you satanists, beware, you are the greatest of the foolish. Satan does not care one whit for any man, woman, or child. Satan despises Human kind, and all of God's works.

Who rules Hell?

So many sources get it all wrong. Many believe in Hell, and believe Satan is the ruler of Hell. The greatest deceiver man has ever known has been highly successful at getting us to believe a lie. "Better to rule in Hell, than serve in Heaven?" God rules Hell. God is the owner of this universe, Heaven, Hell, everything on, in, and around earth.

Where is Hell in the Universe?

It is not a where but a when. God has no limiits. Not with time, nor distance.

Hell does not exist until after the Judgement. Hell is not what you have been led to believe Hell is.