What is Hell?

Remove all virtues from your life. No love, no forgivenss, no compassion. Imagine your life with nothing but hate, anger, frustration, fear. Not many can imagine it. The reason is God is still here trying to reach you. Hell is a place where God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God's angels are not around...ever.

Who rules Hell?

Too many sources get it all wrong. So many believe in Hell, and believe Satan is the ruler of Hell. The greatest deceiver man has ever known has been highly successful at getting us to believe a great lie.

God rules Hell. God is the Creator and holds all the power over us, the Angels, the demons, Satan, and the Universe.

Where is Hell in the Universe?

It is not a where but a when. God has no limiits. Not with time, nor distance as we do.

When we die, we go to sleep. All humans. (So what are Ghosts?)

For us, sleep happens when we close our eyes. When we die, we truly fall asleep, but we wake in an instant in the presence of God and Judgement. Remember, we are trapped in time and God is not. All of us show up at same place at the same time for Judgement. Those who follow Jesus Christ go to Heaven. Those who do not, cease to exist.

That is Hell. Not a place of torture forever for us human beings (it is for Satan!). After Judgement, God removes ALL sin in His Presence. His Presence is the Universe, all dimensions, and all times. God removes all those who sin. God destroys sin once and for all times, everywhere!

Sinners cease to exist.