I Saw A Ghost

Did you? I have.

It scared me really bad. It happened before my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now I KNOW the difference.

Those chills and our skin crawls, maybe we feel our hairs standing on end, and we know something not nice is nearby. Just like a seventh sense, we feel alone, defenseless and scared. We have good reason to feel that way.

It is a servant of Satan that hovers nearby.

What is a Ghost?

Can a ghost be the wandering spirit of someone once on this planet? Or could it be a great deception to make us feel closer to ghosts, but in truth just decieved?

A ghost is a demon faking us out. Disembodied spirits are not souls that have lost their way. They know exactly where they are - dumped from Heaven and stuck in Time just like us. Except these are supernatural beings and they know much more about our world and use that knowledge to promote their lies.

How Can We Battle a Ghost?

Cry out loud to Jesus Christ, ask His mercy. Get down on your knees and shout, "Help me, Jesus Christ! Free me from this attack! Forgive me, Lord." And pray to Jesus. You know what to say, so say it already.

Now notice the attack is gone. And notice how love flows through you and how it feels.

Compare the feeling of Jesus to that of the Satan. I dare you.