Decide Your Course of Action

God gave us the conscience to choose our way throught this world. When we choose Him, the sin we share with the world is removed by the price Jesus Christ paid with His life on the cross. Jesus was covers the debt we owe for our sins.

When we sin and seek God to forgive us of our sin, He doesn't ask that we prove ourselves to Him. He knows we will sin again. He knows when! When God forgives our sin, He doesn't remember that sin, He doesn't dwell on it to use it against us in the future when we sin again.

When God forgives us, through our choice of choosing Him, our prayer heals a part of this world.

The point of no return has passed. There are more sinners than followers today. Sin is overwhelming this world. It is soon to be Satan's time to decieve and control this entire planet. Satan is arriving in the early part of the twenty-first century. And we don't know exactly when that scoundrel will arrive. Or what his entrance will be. We do know the world will be deceived and fall at his feet proclaiming him as Jesus Christ. Only the true followers of Jesus Christ will know Satan as the Anti-Christ.

Choose now before it is too late to choose....

Remember: all those that recieve the mark of the beast are removed from God for ever...doomed to disintegration with no appeal.