Deception is the Root Cause

Deception is: follow any belief, continue being good, but never acknowledge Jesus Christ.

Know that every time you sin, you create a poison within yourself that affects all around you.

Want proof? Imagine one little city without sin. Imagine the largest business in that little city being more concerned about it's employees, the planet's welfare, environment destruction, and its profit margin last. Remove greed and avarice from the picture, and replace all vices with virtues.

Can you imagine a world of peace? A place where prosperity is a team effort of everyone to maintain this planet naturally and not pollute it, destroy it, or bomb it.

That time is coming. First you'll see a time of great conflict and death. We get to witness firsthand what real jealousy, jealousy that started when we started and has gained massive momentum to this time, is all about.

Satan is the most beautiful angel in the universe.

Satan as described by the Bible is the most beautiful Angel in the Universe. Yet man constantly portrays Satan falsely. The only book that talks of Satan is the Bible. Yet so many people draw Satan as this ugly, dark, half-animal thing that simply DOES NOT EXIST.

Man decieves Man. And all the while, Satan laughs at us.