The Battle

The tests start when you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

God is His infinite mercy blesses you with wisdom and a desire to learn His Word.

Satan and his fallen attack from every direction and keep attacking until you die. They use everything they can to make you fall.

Often times they succeed. When they do, and you fall, acknowledge your fall to God and ask Jesus to forgive you. This is extremely important. The longer you stay away from God, the greater the attacks become, until you are lost again.

We all fail. Even the most true fall. The fallen become tormented and must return to God. If you do not, you become lost again (and Satan laughs at you).

Satan is in control of this world. He knows his time is short. Everytime one of the saved falls, Satan laughs.

Yes, Satan laughs at us. Satan hates us. His only joy is our death, our complete extermination from the universe.