Who is God?

  He was, and is, and is yet to come. This means time and distance are not a barrier with God.  
  God is bigger than anyone can imagine. Yet we refer to Him as our Father. And like a Father, He watches over us, teaching us, in hopes we will learn the truth. Once you learn His truth, your own wisdom soars, you lose nothing and gain everything.  
  God is our Father. He loves us as a Father should love His children. A good father hates deceit, lies, betrayal, and all forms of sin. A good father tries to give his children the best in life. God wants to give each of us the best in life, not just in Heaven, but now!
  So many of us fall beside the road to truth, or wander off the road seeking that mirage. God tries to bring us back to Him through life lessons. Many return, and many do not. It is a sad thing for a father to watch his son or daughter throw away their lives and become evil in their father's sight. What is true of human fathers, is true of our Father in Heaven.  
  Except for one thing: in God's endeavor to save us from sin, He offered His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the sin debt. Not just for those that lived when Jesus lived. God's mercy proves through all time, and Jesus Christ suffered the sins of all time. Before Jesus died, He took on all sin from the beginning to the end of world. All those that never heard about Jesus Christ were given the choice, all those that have heard and chose the path to life with God have already had their sin debt paid in full.  
  What's a Father to do when his son or daughter finally realize the error they made and return to their father, seeking forgiveness of their life, or that one act that drove them away? God is not unlike a human father. He loves all His children equally.  
  What incredible mercy, wisdom, patience, compassion, and purity God has for us...His Children.  
  And like a human father, God wants to give His children their inheritance. It is beyond our imagination what God wants for us.