God loves each of us equally. I'm a christian and I follow God, yet God loves you the same as I. Even those that have served Satan all their lives, if, in the end, they ask Jesus into their heart, God forgives them.

This is the way of God.

God Hopes that Before You Die, You Live!!!

But, it is your choice and not His. He did not want robots in His creation, He wants to be loved freely by us for who He is, not how He can force us to love Him.

Satan wants to kill you. God wants to love you, but can't because of your sins, not until you accept His son and be washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, washed clean of sin can God embrace you. "My God, Why do You forsake me?"

Satan wants you to stay dirty, be wealthy, live the life you want according to your whims, and be your own god. That way, Satan doesn't have to worry about you returning to God, and can work on those that are on the fence between choosing God or Satan.