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Write it from love, not from hate nor anger.

I see others living life, having children, creating a family, experiencing successes, and as I watch these lives unfold, I remember that I never had it so good, and yet, for not having it, I see why it was. For me to become who I am, I had to do without essentials that you need to survive.

Living on the Fence is the life of a man playing against a loaded deck. I nearly died after being born, was killed and brought back to life, was taught lies, married a woman like my Mom, married a woman like my Dad, married three different women across spans of time not for love, never for love, always for lust.

Grown to become married, have children, raise a family, but was taught that everyone around my family, friends, acquaintances, business buddies, all were untouchable, for love, for dating, and for marriage.

The love I saw between a man and a woman was what my parents showed me. It remains an oddity. I can not tell you for true if both my parents married for love. My Dad was a flyer, an Army Air Corps pilot, and my Mom was a nurse from the backwoods town of Shenandoah. Interesting picture isn’t it?

I have met two women in my lifetime that would complete my life. The first is the daughter of a missionary, the second is a horsewoman. Unknowingly, I ran as fast as my feet would fly away from these two. Inside me is the wrong reason, the love I was shown, I do not want in my life. Those that I could seriously love, I flee from as if my life depended on it. The love I see between two people means death.

At the ripe age of 36, I found out I was born sterile. There were many indications before I was five years old that I might be sterile, but why bother finding out ‘cause it just costs money.

I live in a world of whiners. Those of us like me fully agree, we are surrounded by those that have so much, yet have chosen blindness and complete ignorance of the gifts they possess. A family that seriously loves them with a life that is hard but with your own family enriched beyond what you want to understand.

Those of us like me hurt deep inside when we see children, when we read or watch love stories, more so when children are involved, when so much that is life goes on around us but we are denied participation.

You have so much, for what purpose do you deny yourself. Take a friend I use to have, Alan. His gifts are a great wife and daughter, yet he denies himself everyday of these great gifts. I have lived most my life on hard fence posts, by the loaded deck, but you whom have so much more than I, choose to live life on those points, because to admit that you have been given great gifts is to acknowledge that God obviously loves you.

The reasons I was given the most difficult path to walk was to guarantee me success in my trials. More than a dozen times a simple choice in the wrong direction would have led to my death.

Those that despise existence

Are easy to identify: they live off of us. The U.S.A is a republic, a wannabee democracy, yet consists of fiefdoms. Like the landlords of old, each kingdom has it’s lord.

The proofs are in the gifts that these supposed leaders receive. It’s not just their salaries, it’s their absurd benefits. A corporation defines a fiefdom. The CEO is the lord of the manor. Those that sit down to eat meals with the lord, are supporters of the his or her fiefdom. Those that are employed by the corporation are the peasants. The lord and his ilk make an inconceivable amount of money, the peasants are paid a pittance.

Were the Congress of the USA serious about America’s borders, and business owners toeing the line, there would be a law that seriously penalizes the owners and not the employees for wrongdoings by the owners. Example: hiring non-citizenry.

Likewise, corporations have bought and buried patents that help mankind. This is a fact across many avenues of life, serious benefits to mankind denied existence because for us to have these benefits would hamper their monetary growth. That is, they would make a lot less money. I want a new law: those of us that find those companies that have buried a patent that benefits any man, woman, or child in the USA, are fully protected under whistle-blower law, the company must immediately release to the public while losing all rights to the patent, plus a serious (25% of their annual income) fine.

When was the last time a company actually released a cure? Arnica is one of the best kept secrets of a cure for bruises. It’s been around forever, yet how many of you know the truth?

Why did you buy into the lie of better living through chemicals?

My parents bought into the lie of better living through chemicals. During the time of the US-approved attacks on Marijuana, my parents were doped with legal prescription drugs.

Philanthropists Stand and be Counted

The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, by charitable aid or donations, love of humankind in general, or an activity or institution intended to promote human welfare.

Philanthropy is giving to the people of the world various gifts to broaden our minds, expand our ideas, learn from our surroundings. Philanthropy has been twisted by evil. Those that truly fit this description, there is no other word to define their greatness. Throughout history there have been several.

Sadly, throughout history there have been many that fit this lie: (you know who you are): you pay your employees a pittance, constantly steal from the poor, murder wannabees, just so you can attain the title of Philanthropist. May God have mercy on your soul.