A man shows up and it's obvious the people love him, and it's equally obvious he has great power, it makes sense to join with him. It's only logical. When Christ showed up, those in power should have chosen to work their way into His presence and become part of the movement. The romans were in power, and the jewish leaders and the people wanted Rome out of Israel, forever.

So the one man that can do that, shows up, and they kill him?

Of all the hundreds Jesus healed, cured, helped, not one, not one single man spoke up during the sentencing? Look at human history: those few men that showed up to fight the oppressors became great men: Alexander, Gengis Khan, Mohammed, Hitler. See? ...it makes no sense.

Hundreds gathered to witness Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem. They shouted for joy, they praised Jesus, they tossed their clothes and palm leaves in his path to glorify His welcome. Not one of these showed up five days later to present evidence that the Jewish leaders were falsely accusing not just an innocent man, but the Son of God!

Unless, something else was going on.

As history testifies, the twelve apostles all died in great pain, all but one were crucified. The one not crucified was at the crucifixion. Their deaths are recorded in human history, where and how they died. All were hundreds, even thousands of miles apart from each other. We must remember that in that time, communication took days and months. All apostles died in torture, yet none changed one iota of their story. According to human standards, this is impossible.

I pity those that think mankind had the power to kill the Son of God. Mel's movie was moving, yet the foolish gather to shout at the moon. One side blames the Jewish people, the other side blames Rome. The fools shout and show their folly. Jesus himself said it more than once, He was giving his life for us. For our salvation. Jesus said that those that lay their life down so others may live is one that shows the greatest love for his brothers and sisters.

The Jewish People

I figure God chose the most stubborn of all creation to make His people. Time and again the jewish show their desires, and time and again, God forgives them when they finally return to His mercy. Usually to save their sorry butts. I have not the patience God shows you Jewish. None of us do. Bah, even you don't have it.

God has some wild sense of humor.