This is a work in progress

Feel free to take whatever I have written here as truth and turn it to your own needs, madness, or justification in attacking me. I don’t care what you do.

I care for only one on this planet: my Father.

Yeah, so he’s your Father too, but I’m correct that you don’t know what I mean. And that’s okay, ‘cause we are all learning, most of us are on the ropes, many of us are on the mat and the count is going down, a few of us have a clue.

This is an Autobiography of Kermit Nilsen Hylen

It is written by the same.

My aim is to please my Father. As a work in progress, sometimes I digress, the finished work shall have no preaching, just me in my world as I grew to become the writer you see before you.

There are those within my own family want me to deny the one I follow. Yet these are people that confess they know my Father. His son replies, I know them not. There are but two types of people in this world. Those that know my Father, and those that don’t know, get it, are ignorant by rights, possibly by Him.

In the past, it seemed everyone has something to say, especially those with man-awarded degrees. An ego goes with those degrees, and then wisdom walks away.

To imply that because you went to a school recognized by other people as being the place to learn, means nothing to me. If you think having degrees is the key to life, owch. This paragraph is pointed: you whom teach and have chosen to stop learning because you are so uber in your brillance.

Avast there, touch not a rope. I must go. Fare thee well. God help you, Cap’n Garner. God forgive you, Cap’n Ahab.

Make no mistake, I own no degrees, yet I remain a brilliant man. My brillance does not arrive because man says so, it is only by my Father’s will that I be recognized. It is not up to me, nor you.

You whom leap to judge others, how dare you.