Defined: subject to being held accountable

I have not had a cold or a flu in over five years. Everytime I go out into the world to get groceries, gas, do stuff, I get infected; covered in the germs of those that have fallen to propaganda. I formally blame the pharm industry and people within the U.S. government.
My parents went through WW2. Mom was a nurse, Dad was a flyer. After WW2, a campaign was begun to confuse and confound Americans into believing that drugs and only drugs would save them from disease, the common cold, influenza, starvation, and all manner of devastating bacteria and virus infections.
This is simply not true. Yet I am programmed to believe drugs are still the answer, and I know better!
Rumor has it that the side effects of FDA-approved drugs are responsible for thirty percent (30%!) of emergency care in the entire USA. I suspect this percentage is much higher.
Most of us (99%) walk around in this mist of "we are not responsible."
Take responsibility! If you are sick, don't cough out loud.
Take responsibility!
Take responsibility!
Take responsibility!