New Laws

  We have many sources of information on most of what we use, eat, drink, and wear. We can find chemical content, studies, testing, all forms of material in much of what is around us, what is dangerous to us, our pets, and the environment.   Alert
  When we find something that is hushed up, we must attack it immediately.    
  A great example is the mystery behind High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). There is so little information about HFCS that it is as if there is no information. THAT IS AN ALERT TO US ALL.   HFCS was born in 1973.
  Like DDT, HFCS belongs in the ban list. It is being used as a sweetener, and it is known to be a poison. Perhaps not by you, certainly by me.   DDT
  When I eat HFCS, my stomach goes psycho. TUMS is a great investment, but it is junk too. Papaya is wondrous, yet eating a remedy to solve the upset stomach problem is beyond testy, I seek revenge!   Stomach Problems
  Stunned I was to learn my old favorite, Saltine Crackers, contain HFCS. Doubly stunned to discover the bread that wants to make itself known as "natural" is using HFCS in it's ingredients; well done Orowheat, you've managed to join the ilk of the world.   Natural? I don't think so.
  Check the ingredients of your favorite soda. It's not sugar anymore, it's this poison known as HFCS.   Poison
  Here's a fancy tidbit: they don't get HFCS from corn that we eat (!!!), they get if from specially grown corn that is not allowed for human consumption.   Bad Corn
  Think they feed HFCS corn to the animals you eat? You know it! Think it's regulated? Of course not.    
  High time to overhaul (and haul away) those that run the FDA.