Law Request: Benefits to Mankind (BM)


Summary: BM Applies to all patents and cures held by businesses or by individuals for the purpose of profiteering off of us, mankind.


When a patent is found within a company, corporation, or held by an individual, that defines a cure, an increase in production, a device that saves a resource, or another benefit to mankind, and the patent is one day older than two years, that company must immediately provide all records about that patent to both the discoverer and to 1) the state attorney office where the home office resides of that business and 2) the state attorney office in which that corporation or company was founded. A trial is immediately set by the state attorney office of the state in which the discoverer resides.

The person or persons that made or reported the discovery of this burial, are held blameless according to the Whistleblower laws of that state and our nation.

Before the case goes to court or, in the course of the trial (not at the judgement; bar those from abusing their rights of keeping it in court forever), it becomes apparent that the company buried that patent on purpose to sell its product(s) and avoid the cure in order to garnish monetary profit, that company loses all ownership to the patent, must publish all information concerning that patent, relinguishes all ownership of that patent and pieces of that patent to the discoverer, and that company is liable to all those that it could have cured yet refused to in order to make a profit off the blood of innocents.

The discoverer owns the information for one full year and earns the profits thereof. After one year, the information automatically becomes public property of the world and is published to the Internet by sending all the details of this patent to all countries of the world.

Limitations: the discoverer must be a human, not a corporation. If it is found that the discoverer is in the employ of a competitor, both companies are held in violation and liable to the public. The fines for corporate attacks by a rival company trying to use this law to hurt one another must be paramount. The fine must be fifteen percent of that company's gross annual income after taxes. This means that once that company or corporation pays it's taxes, then it pays the fifteen percent fine. If the company fails to pay the fine inside of six months, the fine doubles, and continues to double every six months.