Welcome to Kermit Hylen (pact).  
  It may seem odd to have arrived here, and you might think it an accident and you would be incorrect.
  Society is heavily laced with innendos that are not based on fact nor truth, this you must realize.
  To find oneself, you must seek the truth behind the lies, else you do not exist.
  In that existing is not the end all, as luck has no bearing on the course of your life.
  You arrived on this page not by mere chance, it is fate.
  The Impact of arriving here you won't see for another while, and then as if struck by lightning.
  Afraid of the dark? Feeling forever alone? Lost and losing hope?
  The Truth is revealed, and you find that you have never been alone.
  Many answers lie within the pages of this site. Beware, be wary.
  The traps set by our enemy are more numerous and of such deception,
  That unless you are where I am, you are already lost.  
  Except that you have visited Kermit Hylen, and by so doing  
  You will live, and I can call you Brother or Sister and be correct.  
  It is by my own faith that I pronounce this. It is by the will of my Father, that it be so.
  The Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children  
  Remember the impact of Praise!