The Real Reason

When I was a engineering technician, I was in the best work situation: I was not an engineer so I didn't have the full project responsibility, and I wasn't in assembly, so I didn't have the workload. I was in a gray area.

It wasn't enough. Voluntarily, I took on a project with a scientist. Then assisted in programming a new multiple test station. During these projects, I did the other work required, and coded a simple game. Later, I worked alongside a dozen programmers across fifty different systems forcing an application to become system-independent.

But these jobs kept hitting walls of field restriction. After a month of having to read these terrible system manuals, I realized I could do a better job and again be in the best work situation: between engineering, marketing, technical support, training, management, and manufacturing, and learning what they have to offer while using my abilities to develop and deliver organized information.

I knew I had made the right choice when I arrived on a Monday in my office and saw a printout on the first manual I was updating. I read through two pages while thinking, "Wow, this writing is great," before realizing that it was MY writing!

Life can be so simple when we just let it be.