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FrameMaker ROCKS  Generic
 Frame Maker User Forum  Writer's Resource Center lotsa links, info, you name it
 Adobe Site Map  Independent Computer Consultants Association
 DTP Reviews, etc.  
 Standard Docs and Links  Get LEGAL contracts to go for a small fee get a legal contract.
 Go will laugh! =>>>  the Interface Hall of Shame
Electric Vehicles, Govt. Connections, Auctions
Electric Vehicles Government Connections Auctions
 Bay Area Action (BAA)  The Declaration of Independence  eBay Classifieds
 SEVA HomePage Newsletters  THE U.S. CONSTITUTION  eBay Listings: Computers
 Welcome to EVAA  Legislative Info on the Internet  Classifieds - SFBay Area
 Links to EV sites in the world  California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
Hardware Mfg. (is SCSI better than IDE/EIDE?) Doh!~
 Anand Tech   Motherboard HomeWorld  SCSI Symbios Logic Tech Support
 Tom's H/W Guide   Tyan motherboards are nice  PCCHIPS_Group_Information_010
Consultant Job Sources
 First Choice  Information  Others
 Craig's List  Contract Employee's Handbook  Career Mosaic
 Synergistech Communications  Adobe Territory - DTP Help  Monsterboard jobs
 List Foundation FM sources  Pehrson Web Group Mentoring
 TOPjobs(tm) USA  Use only NAACB Agencies DICE Agencies Galore
  Search newsgroups with the Deja News engine. Excellent & massive search of newsgroups anywhere.
Misc. Sources
 Search Engines  Trades Check it out
 AltaVista  Trade Shows  Maps On Us
 People Search engine  ZDNet The BIO/TECH NEWS
Inside Information on Important Innovations in BioScience and Technology
 Netscape  Yahoo! - Trade Associations
WEB developer stuff
 Standards & etc.  Miscellaneous Java Centrals
 The SGML Web Page  Java: Sun(light)  One of the BEST SITES:WebMonkey
 Wilbur - HTML 3.2  ZDNet AnchorDesk Front Page  Welcome to
 ThumbsPlus code downloads  MetaCreations Corporation  Inexpensive GIF animation editors
IntelliQuest® Technology Panel Web    GifBuilder
Yahoo! - :Info and Docs    GIF Animation on the WWW