Some history of me before we get underway.  
  I recall troubleshooting the first IBMPC. It had a maximum of 640K RAM. I set it that way to fool the Microsoft Windows 3.0. You see, the IBMPC used hardware pins to prove RAM allotments. Change a few pins and viola! it jumps from 128K to the full 640K, and performance improved.  
  My AMD-based non-Intel chip PC runs Windoze XP Pro. However, Internet Explorer is as broken as I can make it. IE is part of the OS, and impossible to remove, even when commanded to do so in the Control Panel.  
  Likewise, Opera is my preferred Browser, but I have no control over MSuxIE versus Opera. I did all the settings I could find, IE still pops up when those that create programs don't ask for the default browser but IE.  
  In my experience, the default setting for the browser pertains ONLY to third-party software and never MSux programs.  
  Click some links, looks at the pics, you tell me: huh[AT]